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ADs by Techtunes ADs


Full Description

ADs by Techtunes ADs


- Ventilated cooling + 5 ° C ± 3 ° C

- Automatic defrosting and evaporation of condensates

- Protection plate of the anti-freeze evaporator

- Steel body with anti-corrosion silver-gray epoxy treatment

- Thermoformed ABS tank with rounded corners

- High-density polyurethane insulation thickness 50mm

- Door with lock and reversible opening direction

- Ventilation stop when opening the door

ADs by Techtunes ADs

- Automatic door recall

- The LED lighting on model with glass door

- Equipped with 4 plastic steel grids (498x425 mm), max load 50kg, adjustable in height in 32 mm increments


- Electronic control with display & setting in 0.1 ° C increments

- Alarm temperature high/low sound and visual

- Alarm sound and visual door opening

- Potential free contact (NO / NC) for connection to a remote control system

- Backup of the last 3 temperature alarms with the indication of the date of the hour and the duration

- Saving the last 3 power cuts with an indication of the date, time and duration

ADs by Techtunes ADs

- Anti-freeze safety thermostat at + 2 ° C



- Plasticized steel grid (WxD) 498x425 mm

- Aluminum telescopic drawer (6 maximum) on sliding rails. Guaranteed a very good thermal inertia and facilitates the manipulations. Very good visibility and accessibility. Drawer block placed at the location of a grid, the possibility of modulating the arrangement of the device according to the height of the boxes, allows freeing a large space on the grid for the storage of vaccines. Drawers adjustable laterally and in-depth, aluminum separator and mobile Plexi slider with label holder.

- EJ 32 IN Mobile Recorder



The devices have an alarm report contact which allows either to connect to the remote surveillance of the office cine or to a telephone transmitter (to be performed by an authorized service provider).

The Order of Pharmacists in these storage recommendations recommends a low budget refrigerator in Bangladesh alert system to a person able to intervene in order to take the necessary measures to avoid loss of product.

ADs by Techtunes ADs


Technical Characteristic

Référence 11.0766.01 11.0766.02

Type de porte Pleine Vitrée

Volume (liters) 236/230 236/230

Dim. hors-tout Lxhxp (cm) 60 x 125 x 61 60 x 125 x 61

Dim. int. Lxhxp (cm) 47 x 106 x 44 47 x 106 x 44

Charge. max (kg) 154 154

Alimentation 230V 230V

Puissance (W) 120 150

ADs by Techtunes ADs

Volume sonore (db) 40 40

Dégivrage Automatique Automatique


Température °C +5°C +5°C
Poids (kg) 54, 0 65, 0

Départ using 2 - 3 sem. 2 - 3 sem.


ADs by Techtunes ADs
Level 0

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