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Do you already know what refrigerator to buy?


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Have you ever faced the decision of which refrigerator to buy for your home? When making this decision, there are several details that you should keep in mind. And we will tell you in this article so you can choose the best model for you.

What refrigerator to buy

Before buying a new refrigerator, we advise you to consider the following:

The hole you have in the kitchen. Depending on the available space you can choose one model or another. Take a meter and write down the most important figures: width, height, and depth.

The number of people living at home. And it is that the needs of a person who lives alone are not the same as those of a family of, for example, five members. That is, the capacity of the refrigerator must be adapted to its owner. This information can be found both in its energy label and in the data of our website.

Design. Depending on the decoration you have chosen for the kitchen you can give it a touch of distinction by choosing a refrigerator with glass or stainless steel door, which never goes out of style.

And once you know the capacity you need or the space you have available, it's time to get to know our different refrigerators to decide which one to buy.

Do you know American fridges?
Surely American refrigerators sound like watching them on TV. They are quite large models with two doors, so you will have all the capacity you need for your food. Of course, you must have enough space to install them. To give you an idea, these Balay models measure 177x91x72 (width x height x depth without handle). If you choose an American with ice and water dispenser, you can choose one that has a connection to the water network, or integrated inside the tank like this, which has one with up to 4 liters.

The American refrigerators are perfect for houses where large storage capacity is needed. There are models like this that, between the refrigerator and the freezer, reach 573 liters. And inside you find specific compartments to store and organize all kinds of food well:

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Two drawers for fruits and vegetables that, in total, a total of 40 liters.

A cold area for cans where you will have your drinks always ready.

A MultiBox Compartment perfect for creams, medicines that need cold or small bottles.


Don't you have so much space? Maybe you need a combi
Currently, nobody has managed to dethrone the combis as the best sellers. You know that they are the models that have the refrigerator above and the freezer below, as in the first photo of the article.

Are you wondering how to choose a good combi fridge? Don't worry, in Balay we make it as easy as possible. The first data that you must take into account are the measurements: you can choose one of 60 or 70 cm wide, and height adapted to the available gap (203, 186 or 176 cm high).

The combined are the ideal option for homes where it is not necessary to have the high capacity of the Americans. But that does not mean that you should give up all the space necessary to comfortably organize food inside. Depending on the model you want, you will have up to 435 liters available. Don't you think they are enough? You can install two as a couple! Having the condenser in the side zone, you will not find any installation problems to do so.

What combi to buy

Of course, when choosing your combi refrigerator do not forget the importance of conservation. And it is very annoying to make a good purchase of fresh food and that it will soon spoil by not having the appropriate drawers. In Balay we have solved this problem with features like these:

These Balay ExtraFresh Comfort combis have special drawers for meats, fish, fruits and vegetables to last up to twice as long.

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For their part, these models also have a special drawer: the ExtraFresh drawer, which better regulates humidity to better preserve your fruits and vegetables.

One-door fridges, another option available
Our one-door refrigerators are perfect for large families or people who need a lot of storage space. In fact, they may have more capacity than an American. They offer you the same features as a combi, but when installed next to a one-door freezer you will be creating a large storage space of 588 liters. One door refrigerator + freezer are a perfect match, which you can install anywhere without restrictions.

In addition, they have a modern and elegant design, in line with new trends. Surely in white or stainless steel, they give you reasons to be chosen. Even these models have a water dispenser to always have fresh water.

Refrigerators of special measures Still, do not know what refrigerator to buy? Do you need any with other measures than those mentioned? You can opt for one of our two-door refrigerators. The fundamental difference between the combined ones is that they have the freezer at the top. You can choose between three different heights: 186, 171 and 161 cm. And if you are looking for an even smaller option, you can always use our one-door refrigerator to install under the counter.

Do not forget that to all the models that we have been telling you, you can add our integrated Whirlpool refrigerator price in BD, which are designed to integrate seamlessly with the kitchen furniture.

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