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The new Samsung CRG5 arrives, the first gaming monitor with a 240Hz refresh rate on a 27-inch curved screen

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Samsung CRG5, gaming monitor with 240Hz refresh rate

Samsung has just announced the launch in Europe of the new monitor for the gaming world CRG5. It is the most recent curved gaming monitor of the Korean brand, in addition to having a refresh rate of 240 Hz, a pioneer in this curved screen sector, and NVIDIA G-SYNC compatible technology. In this way, it is intended to offer the best immersive experience for PC video game players.


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The Samsung CRG5 monitor is the world's first monitor with a refresh rate of 240 Hz on a curved screen. This screen has 27 inches and combines RapidCurve ™ technology with an ultrafast refresh rate and curvature of 1550R. The latency is eliminated, combining fluid scenes that will deliver an immersive experience to anyone who plays with this monitor. The refresh rate to which we have mentioned several times allows the player a very fast and continuous game response, showing situations and transitions that happen instantly.


This screen eliminates delays in action such as tearing and stuttering thanks to the synchronization between your GPU and the monitor panel. This is due to NVIDIA G-Sync Compatible technically. Thanks to this, improved playability is offered in scenes with Television price in BD resolution. In addition, the new CRG5 delivers a 3000: 1 contrast ratio, provides more intense blacks and brighter whites, highlighting the details in the whitest and darkest parts of the video game. And the design of the screen is without frames so that even bigger game space is offered to the players.


The monitor also comes with a large number of game modes to provide greater user comfort. For example, we have the 'Game0 mode, a configuration that automatically adjusts the black gamma levels, contrast, sharpness, and color for the different types of games that exist in the market; the 'Low input Lag' mode, which minimizes the delays between the input devices on the monitor; 'Virtual Aim' that improves accuracy in first-person games and the 'Eye Saver Mode' that reduces blue light so that the view does not get tired in long periods of play.

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