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Klarstein Beersafe 4XL: The Best Big Minibar Fridge Analysis 2019


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Execution of the best quality, huge volume limit, magnificent vitality effectiveness. These are the attributes that characterize the Klarstein Beersafe 4XL minibar. In this investigation, we will find inside and out its points of interest, sentiments and offers in the Klarstein Beersafe 4XL smaller than normal ice chest. Remain and purchase yours at the best cost!

Highlights and Technical Specifications of the Fridge or Frigo Minibar Klarstein Beersafe 4XL

These unfathomable highlights make the Klarstein Beersafe 4XL smaller than expected ice chest stand apart from the rest.

• Volume: 124 Liters (132 jars).

• Stainless steel front

• Energy class A +.

• Low clamour age

• Double protected glass entryway.

• Independent with variable pivot.

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• Stainless steel handle

• 4 chrome-plated metal racks.

• Touch temperature control

• Temperature run: 0 ° C - 10 ° C (32 - 50 ° F).

• Internal white LED light.

• Refrigeration type R600a.

• Adjustable legs

• Recessed or inherent furnishings.

• Door opening to one side.

• Shipping in 2 to 3 days.

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With the shipment you will get:

• Klarstein Beersafe 4XL was smaller than normal refrigerator cooler.


Manually removable racks.

• Power supply: 220 - 240 V (50/60 Hz).

• Measures: 48 x 85 x 60 cm.

• Interior estimations: 41 x 74.5 x 46 cm.

• Weight: 32 kg

• Cable length: 1.75m approx.

Favourable circumstances of the Klarstein Beersafe 4XL Mini Portable Mini Refrigerator

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The Klarstein never is a cooler that, notwithstanding giving us crisp beverages whenever, the Klarstein Beersafe 4xl quiet smaller than usual ice chest, offers numerous favourable circumstances:

Your arranged beverages: the 4 chrome-plated metal racks give enough space to store and order your mixed refreshments and sodas. On the off chance that we need to store bigger volume bottles, we can expel the removable grilles.

Enormous limit: You won't need to top off the camera of your little compact ice chest Klarstein Beersafe 4XL consistently, you will spare time and it will appear that the reviving beverages are not running out.

Driven lighting: it is discretionary. The Klarstein Beersafe 4XL convenient electric fridge enables us to see the refrigeration chamber consistently, with a rich enhancement that energizes the view.

Manage the temperature: set up your beverages at the ideal temperature level. From 0 to 10 ° C, for freezing or cooler beverages.

Perfect for:

• Bars and stores: the structure of the Klarstein Beersafe 4XL smaller than the expected bar is sought after in these organizations, because of the ensuing increment in deals because of cold beverages.

• Hotels and travels: it is fundamental to have a minibar fridge in the rooms of the visitors, indeed, for lodgings of at least 4 stars is required by law.

• Personal use: a huge limit mini refrigerator price in Bangladesh, for example, the Klarstein Beersafe 4XL minibar is perfect for having our beverages constantly cold for get-togethers, our office or for our home.

Intuitive touch board: even though we have Klarstein manuals, we won't require them, we will spare time since the cooler guideline framework is straightforward.

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Feelings on the Klarstein 4XL Portable Beverage, Beach or Bar Refrigerator (2019)

The assessments of the customers in Transcom digital, feature the nature of the Klarstein Beersafe 4XL convenient electric fridge, its item more than fulfils its clients.

As we would like to think like experts in the part, we feature 3 limits and issues of the Klarstein Beersafe 4XL small scale electric cooler:

1.- It's stylish, which is extraordinary contrasted with the remainder of the market

2.- It is perfect for bars, inns and houses since it meets the fundamental capacities with regards to every one of the three zones, both vitality, volume and refrigeration.

3.- obviously, it cools with extravagance, however, it ought to be noticed that, on explicit events, on the off chance that we turn off the apparatus, we should take a gander at the water when the ice is defrosted since it will in general amass in the internal base plate.

Without a doubt, sentiments about Klarstein promise you a quality buy that won't disillusion you.

These ideas in the little cooler Klarstein Beersafe 4XL on offer accessible temporarily, exploit it before the finish of the rebate!

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